Love Island 2017 contestants: Chris Hughes

Age: 22

Occupation: Golf Clothing Ambassador

From: Gloucestershire 

Although he wasn't an original islander, Chris entered Love Island during the first week of the show alongside Jonny.

Despite initially going on a date with Montana (we know - unthinkable now) Chris soon had his eye on Olivia. Things were going well until Mike arrived on the scene and stole Liv in a recoupling. And lo the name Muggy Mike was born.

He was caught in a dramatic love triangle between Liv and Mike when finally it all came to end when he was dumped off the villa - and eagle-eyed fans thought it was hilarious when they spotted Chris wheeling Mike's suitcase out of the bedroom.

Things have been up and down with Olivia, but when he broke down in tears and told her how much she meant to him it looked as though things were finally back on track. But if they don't work out, Chris can always find romance with Kem.

The pair's bromance has been going from strength to strength - with the pair rapping (badly) together, sporting matching manicures and even sharing a full-on snog during a challenge!

Has Chris dated anyone famous before? Not that we know of, but he describes his claim to fame as winning the "Milk Cup, an international football tournament with Swindon when I played for their youth team." So not that famous, then.

What's his reputation like? Not great. He describes his worst date as being when he met two girls in the gym who were best friends. After initially texting one of them, he then went round her house, drank too much and woke up the next morning in the other girl's bed.

Also Chris says that he's been "the heartbreaker" in every relationship that he's been in before. He just "fell out of love" with a girl he dated for three and a half years and has this to say about his first break-up ending:

"When I finished my first ever relationship, the girl's mum was ringing me telling me her daughter was in a total state about it. I was only about 16 or 17." Oh dear.

What is Chris looking for in the villa? “I want a brunette – only because of past relationships have mostly always been with blondes so kind of just break the mould with that one," he tells us. "Finding a brunette would be nice.” Um, we hope Olivia doesn't read this when she gets out.

That said, he explains that even if he's getting on with someone really well in the villa and someone else comes in who he takes a shine to, he won't hesitate in dumping his first conquest!

"I think every guy has a wandering eye to be honest," he reasons, adding that he thinks "men are just worse than women at everything".

He's not going to treat the boys much better either: "At the end of the day, I'm going there for the girls," he says when asked about how loyal to the lads he will be. "It's something I would consider but it wouldn't stop me. We're all there for the same reason. I've known the boys as long as I've known the girls so there is no loyalty."

Will Chris have sex in the villa? It almost looks like a certainty. "I’m up for whatever situation brings," he says. "I just think when you’re in the moment you can’t really do much to prevent that happening to be honest. I’m up for anything. But I think I would keep it under the sheets – I’m not one to show everyone everything in the villa."

So he's got some decorum, then... 

That said, he does describe himself as an "old fashioned romantic": "I write letter and leave them hidden for girls to find," he says. "I love surprises and I like treating people and making them feel special." Liv is a lucky lady.

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.