Setting the cat among the pigeons is basically the Love Island producers' job but tonight's challenge is potentially a feline/avian clash of epic proportions as the couples hear what members of the tweeting public – and their fellow Islanders – really think about them. Here's how it unfolds...

Mike gets a text:

“Islanders, it’s time to find out what Twitter is saying in today’s challenge, Bang On Trend

#tweetasanut #tweetnsour”

The Islanders are split into two team. Georgia and Sam host, reading out tweets out with the names blanked out. There's some palaver about racing to pop a balloon but of course it's really all about hearing who actually said what about who – and then waiting for the fallout...

Here are some juicy examples to whet your appetites...

Q: Who are these tweets about?

“XXX and XXX are in one fake relationship, I’m not buying it one bit”

“Am I the only one who’s not convinced on XXX feelings for XXX? Seems so fake”

A: Gabby and Marcel.

Gabby's reaction:

“I’d deserve an Oscar if I was faking it. I know that me and Marcel are rock solid so think what you like love.”

Q: Who's this tweet about?

“XXX has cracked on with three different lads so far and yet people say she is an innocent girl…”

A: Camilla.

Camilla's reaction:

“I’ve never said I’m an innocent girl. In my ideal world, I would have come in and met the man of my dreams and unfortunately life is not like that.”

Q: Who's this tweet from?

“XXX you’re too good for her mate.”

A: @stormzy1…!

Q: Who's it about?

A: Chris.

The reaction: Stormzy may have kicked up a storm with this one...

Q: Who's this tweet about?

“XXX and XXX are perfect examples of fake friends, slagging Georgia off and then all nice to her face.”

A: Olivia and Tyla.

Georgia's reaction:

“Didn’t expect that from you, Liv.”

Q: Who's this tweet about?

“Really hope Montana finds that text from XXX to XXX slagging her and Alex off #drama”

A: Gabby and Marcel.

Montana's reaction: A face like thunder...

Q: Who's this tweet about?

“XXX telling XXX she loves him too, roughly six hours after saying she’d shag XXX in the Hideaway if nobody would find out”

A: Olivia, Chris and Mike.

Yep, this is looking like it could shake things up – and with one couple being dumped at the end of the show, things might look very different by tomorrow morning...