The Lethal Weapon cops are back! But not in the form of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. The new Fox TV comedy-drama series instead follows a rebooted version of LAPD duo Riggs and Murtaugh. Here’s all you need to know about the series now being broadcast on ITV1…

What time is Lethal Weapon on TV tonight?

The next episode is on ITV1 9pm Friday 23rd June.

What can I expect from the episode?

Remember how every episode of CSI – and all its variants – would begin at a thumping party full of beautiful people, one of whom was about to die? Lethal Weapon tries the same trick now, as a hotshot college football prospect (in American sports terms, basically a young deity) runs into a spot of bother. 

But Lethal Weapon is lighter on its feet than your standard US procedural; in fact, the case itself often feels like a sideshow to all the character comedy and bits of poignant drama the writers cook up. 

Tonight Riggs is still sober, but only just, and not sure if his liaison with Agent Palmer feels right: the pic of his dead wife on his phone says not.

Who’s in the cast?

Clayne Crawford takes on the Mel Gibson role of Martin Riggs, a Navy SEAL-turned-police officer from El Paso, Texas. And Damon Wayans is Danny Glover's senior detective Roger Murtaugh. 

How do the cast members feel about rebooting the classic franchise?

A brilliantly precisely question there. And – would you believe it – one we’ve got an answer for. Turns out Crawford felt very uneasy about bringing the budding cops back to screen. He told Radio Times: "I felt it was disrespectful to try and capture lightning in a bottle twice – that movie was so special, you couldn’t duplicate it”. You can see our full interview here.