Love Island 2017 contestants: Mike Thalassitis

Age: 24

Occupation: Semi-professional footballer (and amateur hairdresser)

Lives: London

Aspiring WAGS (is that still a thing?) take note – Mike is a semi-pro footballer who's played for his country. "I was in the newspapers in Cyprus when I scored a winner in a game," he reveals. 

[Insert joke about scoring with the ladies here]

And if you need a quick trim, he's also "a bit tidy with scissors and a comb".

We're looking forward to a hairstyling showdown with Kem...

Here's Mike talking about joining Margate FC back in 2016

Which girls does Mike have his eye on? “First off Jess – I know she’s with Dom but looks-wise, definitely – and Olivia and Amber I would say are the girls I’d go for.” 

And from further conversation it sounds like it’s very much in that order. Look out Dom…

Apart from keepie-uppies and free hair cuts what else has he got to offer the girls? “You’ll see when I walk in there. They’re all looking for tall, dark and handsome, so…”

Could he be the one to usurp Chris as the boy all the girls fancy? “Well, I’m hoping so. I’m pretty confident that could be the case.” 

Should Chris be scared of Mike coming into the villa? “Yeah, petrified.”

Fighting talk.

Does he have a plan for getting the girl he wants? And what if she's coupled up? “I’m a pretty straight-up guy so I’d wait ‘til I get a vibe off the girl before I started treading on anyone’s toes and if I felt there was anything there I’d say to the guy ‘Look, we all know the game, it is what it is, we’re all here for the same reason, at the end of the day you’ve still only known each other for a week, don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes but it is what it is’.

It is indeed.

Anything that’s bugging Mike about the villa? “I don’t agree with there being a friendship couple, I just don’t think that’s right, so Marcel, Montana. I’m not saying they should be dumped but I just don’t agree with these friendship couples.”

Yep, friendship can do one. We want either love or misery...