Keeping tabs on who's been pied off and who's putting it on who on Love Island is basically a full-time job.

To save you the hassle, we've compiled a week by week guide to all of the make-ups, break-ups and recouplings that the villa has seen so far:

Week Three

For the first time, it was the boys who had the power to pick who they wanted to recouple with on Sunday 18th June. There were no prizes for guessing Jess and Dom and Amber and Kem were again going to recouple, but there were a few surprises when the boys made their choices at the end of the second week on Love Island...

Mike and Olivia


New boy Mike was #LastInFirstShout so had the pick of the girls. “I’d like to couple up with this girl because I feel like we haven’t had the chance to know each other yet properly,” he said. “And I feel like the only way I can do that is picking her tonight and I feel like things could progress if everything goes well.”

Despite Chris saying he wasn’t bothered about Mike nicking the girl he was interested in, he clearly was very bothered. Chris branded him Muggy Mike in front of everyone and it looks we could see a lot of bad blood between these two…

Dom and Jess

No surprises for guessing who Dom went for in the recoupling. Poor Montana has been long-forgotten, and he stuck with Jess.

“I want to couple up with this girl because not only is she beautiful, intelligent and funny, she’s the only girl I want to spend my time with in the villa,” he said. Ejected islander Tyne-Lexy, however, reckons this is the couple who are just playing a game

Marcel and Gabby

Despite Marcel being coupled up with Montana, it was only really as mates. So when Gabby entered the villa, it didn’t take long for Marcel’s eye to wander.

“From the moment we met I felt like there was a unique energy between us and as the days have gone on it’s been really nice getting to know her a bit more,” said Marcel. “So the girl I want to couple up with is Gabby.”

Kem and Amber

Kem wouldn’t give that cheap beautiful infinity bracelet to just any girl. Again, it wasn’t much of a shocker when Kem chose Amber in the recoupling. He had something of a soppy speech to relay to her too…

“The moment I laid eyes on her, I realised she’s the girl I’ve always been looking for,” he said. “We have our good and our bad days and when it’s good I’ve never felt anything like it so I’m excited she’s part of my life. The girl I want to couple up with is Amber.”

Sam and Montana 

Sam had been with Olivia but let’s just say she lost interest pretty quickly when Chris and then Jonny came into the villa... 

Anyway, Sam and Montana had started getting closer as mates – but it’s actually turning into something a bit more serious! 

He said: “Since the first day I got in here we’ve been best of mates, and in the past four days it’s crazy to see that our friendship’s turned into something else. Good things come to those who wait. The girl I want to couple up with is Montana.” Watch this space.

Chris and Chloe

After Muggy Mike swooped in on Olivia, Chris was left with little choice when it came to the girls left. And unlike Kem, his reasoning was far from romantic…

“I want to couple up with this girl because after bitching about her, somehow Muggy Mike’s decided to take the girl I like. So I’m going to couple up with this girl purely on a friendship basis and because she’s had my back from day one. She’s always been there for me and she’s one of the mot one-faced girls in here so I would like to couple up with Chloe.”

After that, Mike called him a prick under his breath in retaliation.

Jonny and Camilla 

We would say that Jonny and Camilla have had an up and down relationship, but it’s basically been down and down. Not only did that have that huge fight about feminism, but he then overheard her bitching to the girls about him and the whole thing caused any budding relationship between them to grind to a halt.

Despite that, surprisingly he actually still chose Camilla over Tyne-Lexy, causing her to be sent home.

“I want to couple up with this girl because she’s been a massive part of my journey and she helped me come out of my shell a lot and I’m really enjoying seeing her come out of her shell too,” he said of Camilla. “I feel like she’s got so much more to give and I really want to see what else she’s got in her.”

Pied Off - Tyne-Lexy

Tyne-Lexy was the last girl standing in the villa after all of the boys snubbed her in the recoupling and she was sent home. After her exit, she said that she thinks Chris and also Jess and Dom are playing games, and that she reckons Jonny could go on to win the whole show.

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