Vote for Steven Moffat’s best Doctor Who character

A companion? A part-time Tardis traveller? An enemy? Or one of the Doctor's other friends and accomplices? Who'll get your vote?


From full-time companions Amy Pond, Clara Oswald and Bill Potts to part-time Tardis travellers Rory Williams, Captain Jack, Nardole and River Song, from new Time Lord incarnations the War Doctor and Missy to the Paternoster Gang and UNIT’s Kate Stewart and Osgood, Steven Moffat has added a whole host of well-loved characters to Doctor Who during his 17 years writing for and heading up the show.


Choosing your favourite may be tough but, as we prepare to look back on the departing showrunner’s impressive tenure, that’s what we’re going to ask you to do.

Below is a reminder (as if you need it) of all of them in action, and then you can cast your vote. Elections don’t get much more important than this…

Amy and Rory



Captain Jack


River Song

The War Doctor

Missy and (sort of) Osgood

The Paternoster Gang


Kate Stewart