Prince Ernest (David Oakes)

Ernest by name but not by nature, the prince’s gregarious, Dionysian instincts could not be more at odds to his younger brother’s Apollonian sobriety. Whilst Albert spent his adolescence absorbing himself in academia, Ernest immersed himself in the art of womanising and revelry.

From The Pillars of The Earth to Borgia, Ripper Street and The White Queen, you've seen a LOT of David Oakes on your TV screen. He played Kim Philby in a BBC2 documentary about one of The Cambridge Five, and also recently had roles in both Endeavour and The Living and The Dead.

Miss Skerrett (Nell Hudson)

Skerrett - loosely based on a real-life member of Buckingham Palace’s serving staff – mysteriously appears soon afer the accession with a recommendation from the Chiswick Institute. She is to become assistant to Jenkins, the Queen’s prickly personal dresser.

Outlander fans will known Hudson and Laoghaire MacKenzie, the wily young woman who is scorned by Sam Heughan's Jamie. Before that she was relatively new to the scene, with a role in Holby City and some short film roles to her name.

Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley)

Based on a real chef in Victoria’s household, Charles Elme Francatelli is of Italian extraction, but grew up in London and studied cookery in France.

With a surname like that you might wonder, but yes, Ferdinand is in fact Ben Kingsley's son. Don't define him by his surname though, he's made his own way in the acting world with roles in The Hollow Crown, Ripper Street, Borgia, Agatha Christie's Poirot and Dracula Untold.

Mrs Jenkins (Eve Myles)

Senior dresser to the Queen, Jenkins has a no-nonsense, pragmatic attitude towards her work.

Probably best known as Torchwood's Gwen Cooper, Eve Myles' face will be familiar to fans of Doctor Who, Little Dorrit and Belonging. She had a bit part in Merlin before she went travelling through space and time, and since leaving the Whoniverse she's popped up in Welsh comedy/drama Baker Boys, lead the cast of nursing drama Frankie, and starred opposite Anthony Head in comedy You, Me & Them. Oh, and in case you've forgotten, she showed up alongside David Tennant in some crime drama called Broadchurch, too...

The Duchess of Kent (Catherine Flemming)

Victoria's mother is an insecure woman in a foreign land with a weak grasp of the language and an ill-advised attachment to a roguish army officer (Sir John Conroy). To her daughter, she is a problem to be dealt with…

Her face may not be familiar to Sunday night audiences but Flemming is quite the accomplished German actress. She's probably best known for roles in Hunger: Longing for Love (not to be confused with the Michael Fassbender film), Simone's Labyrinth and No Place To Go.