What time is Count Arthur Strong on TV?

The third series of the sitcom starts Friday at 8pm, BBC1. 

Who’s in the cast?

Steve Delaney will once again play the titular count, alongside his sidekick Michael Baker (played by Rory Kinnear). 

They’re join by fellow frequenters of Bulent’s Café: shady John the Watch (Andy Linden), timid Eggy (Dave Plimmer), the volcanic Bulent himself (Chris Ryman), his sweet sister Sinem (Zahra Ahmadi) and now new customer Birdie (Bronagh Gallagher). 

Delaney and IT Crowd and Father Ted creator Graham Linehan have penned all episodes this series. 

Will it be any good? 

Comedy’s a funny old game. When it’s not to some people’s taste, it seems to inspire disproportionate bile. And when it’s Count Arthur Strong, an inoffensive, character-driven sitcom that goes against the grain of today’s edgy, cynical, potty-mouthed fare, it’s even more mystifying.

His loyal fans won’t care. They are made up by the Count’s return for a third, utterly deserving series. As played by Steve Delaney, he’s a cross between Enid Blyton’s Mr Twiddle (bow tie, glasses, trilby) and Sheridan’s Mrs Malaprop 
(“I do have experience in the world of extra-sensory contraception”). 

Arthur’s “psychic” skills are required in tonight’s Exorcist-flavoured fiasco that is so stupendously silly it possesses a kind of beauty. He may plough his own comedy furrow, but what a hilariously wonky furrow.