There’s only a few days to wait until Doctor Who series 10’s first historical episode airs this Saturday, but for those anxious to see the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Bill’s (Pearl Mackie) adventures in Regency London sooner, the BBC have released a string of preview pictures. 

Said preview pictures don’t tell us too much, though they do hint that the giant monster the episode features under the frozen Thames could be a larger version of a smaller alien fish, while also giving us a better look at episode baddie Sutcliffe (Nicholas Burns) and the young lad (Austin Taylor's Spider) who apparently pickpockets the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.

You can see the full collection of pictures from Thin Ice in the gallery below, which also include the Doctor and Bill in some natty diving gear and some new characters for the episode.

Just try not to get TOO obsessed over guessing what’ll happen in the episode based on these pictures. As we’re sure you well know, that kind of thing is a slippery slope…

Doctor Who series 10 continues on BBC1 on Saturdays at 7.20pm