Home and Away's VJ Patterson struggles to juggle schoolwork with parenthood in upcoming scenes, leading to a shocking incident that could see him lose custody of baby Luc. 

Having been widowed just hours after marrying terminally-ill Billie Ashford in scenes that had heartbroken fans reaching for the tissues, VJ has been gripped with grief as he gets his head around raising stepdaughter Luc. But the more family and friends try to help the teen, the more he feels he's not up to the job, and his frustrations fester until finally causing an emotional explosion.

Unable to cope with the kid's constant crying, VJ cracks under the pressure and angrily shakes the cot, screaming at the newborn to shut up - shocked at his aggressive actions, he runs into the living room and is white as a sheet when Leah returns home.

Ashamedly admitting to his mum he lost his temper, VJ feels a failure and is grateful when Irene offers to help out - after all, she's his real granny, as Luc's biological dad is her rapist son Mick.

But after hearing about the cot-shaking, concerned Irene suggests she take Luc permanently - which goes down like the proverbial lead balloon with Leah and VJ.

Lashing out at 'Reenie's innocent attempts at lending a hand, the three fall out spectacularly over Luc's future, with Billie's brother Ash wading in for good measure on the future of his niece.

Can they agree on what's best for the baby? Should VJ hand her over before his temper gets the better of him? And will best mates Irene and Leah's friendship ever recover? 

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 May on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.