Hollyoaks: Freddie Roscoe attacks Nick Savage in violent showdown

Freddie does a runner after nearly drowning nasty Nick


Freddie Roscoe went on the rampage in tonight’s Hollyoaks and attacked Nick Savage, but their violent showdown ended with Nick being knocked out and Freddie fleeing the scene – what will the fallout of the fight be for the boys?


In E4’s first-look episode, Ellie Nightingale received the devastating news that there was insufficient evidence to charge Nick with rape – and her boyfriend Freddie was fuming. Adding to his agitation was Ellie’s discovery that Fred had lied to the police about Nick spiking Ellie’s drink in an effort to get him prosecuted, potentially jeopardising the case.


Mr Roscoe’s rage exploded as he cornered nasty Nick just after he was told all charges had been dropped, with the Savage lad still insisting he did nothing wrong.

Knocking Nick out cold into the Love Boat’s hot tub, horrified girlfriend Holly witnessed the whack to the face and screamed as Nick started to drown, having been seemingly knocked out cold. As panicking Freddie fled the scene, horrified Holly and dismayed Dirk desperately dragged an unconscious Nick from the water – with Ellie then emerging from the pub to witness the chaos. 

Realising what her furious fella had done, Ellie froze and saw Freddie run off…


With the last Roscoe in the village set to leave soon, following actor Charlie Clapham’s recent announcement he’d quit the role, could this angry moment pave the way for a dramatic exit for the character? Has Freddie permanently injured Nick? Could he face jail if Nick decides to press charges? And how will Ellie handle this latest twist in the ongoing sexual consent storyline that’s already put her through the emotional wringer?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.