Comedian Russell Brand ran into Katie Hopkins's LBC radio show during a live broadcast yesterday – and filmed himself doing it. 

Brand posted the footage to Twitter saying he was trying to lure the Daily Mail columnist – the one he calls “Hatie Kopkins” (getit?!) – “back to humanity”.

As the Ponderland creator entered the studio Hopkins was speaking to a caller (Paul from Croydon, FYI) about the Swedish terror attacks. The radio host then halted the chat, saying: “Russell Brand has just burst into the studio asking if we're live.”

“Don’t be so rude. Poor Paul here was just making an important point”, she said. “Would you mind leaving my studio and I will deal with you after, you naughty child?”

Brand took to the microphone of presenter Majid Nawas – who was due to take over within minutes as Hopkins’ programme was ending – saying: “Hello Paul from Croydon, carry on mate, I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but Katie did invite me in,” referring to the waving gestures Hopkins gave him. 

As the programme was cut, she was heard asking: "Can we please cut Russell Brand's mic?"

Afterwards, Hopkins tweeted at him: “Did your mother never teach you to knock?”

So, how did Brand get in? He recently got a slot on Radio X (Sunday morning from 11am to 1pm), with his studio in the same building: Global’s studios in central London.

Will they face off again? They already did. Hopkins was a guest on Brand's show after he invited her to a verbal duel. 

And we want to tell you what happened there, we really do, but it's just a lot of the two speaking over one another. And the bits you can hear, well, Hopkins describes "secreting sulphuric acid" from, erm, places. Consider yourself warned...