Our Spidey senses are tingling. Or is that our Probity Probe going off? We’re not sure, but either way something magical is afoot if Tom Holland’s to be believed.

The British 20-year-old star of Spider-Man: Homecoming recently said sequels for the web-slinger could be modelled on the Harry Potter series.

But that doesn’t mean Spidey’s going to be firing patronuses out of his wrists anytime soon: Holland says the future films will focus on the superhero’s life in the classroom, with each movie taking place over one school year, just like the on-screen adventures at Hogwarts. (We've no idea how that'll work with the MCU, but hey, just go with it).

When asked about the rumours that sequels are planned around a friendly neighbourhood student, Holland told TV: "You know those discussions all happen behind closed doors with the creatives and I'm only brought into the process much later, when we have a script and I can sort of write little notes on what I'd like to happen. 

"But I think that is the overall plan, I think the Harry Potter movies are a perfect example, they worked so well. I'm such a huge fan, as are billions of people, so why not follow that perfect formula? And I think we can do something really exciting with that."

And while it’s not clear if he’ll be battling a basilisk in his second solo outing as the wall-crawler, there’s a chance Spidey could appear in the upcoming planned movie based on two of his classic allies, Silver Sable and Black Cat. Plus, it’ll be surprising if he doesn’t show up to take on The Dark Lord of New York, Venom, who’s due to get his own spin-off film next year. However, Holland was forced to keep his mouth webbed about plot details – mainly because he doesn’t know them himself.

Fortunately, the actor was able to confirm that he’s slinging into the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. And although he said he’s not even seen the completed script due to secrecy around the film, he could say this: "[Infinity War] is the craziest movie I have ever been a part of and I think a lot of people have ever been a part of; I mean it's going to be insane dude, it's the next level of film-making."

But until we see that, we’ve got the upcoming Homecoming film to enjoy where’s THERE’S A VULTURE IN THE DUNGEON.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Spider-man: Homecoming will hit UK cinemas 7th July 2017