Name: Mimi Bouchard

Age: 20

Twitter: @mimibouchard

Instagram: @mimibouchard

Who is she?

Canadian Mimi is a lifestyle blogger who's jetted into London to shake things up on the Chelsea cobbles. Single, she's known for her big personality and "is not afraid of trouble". 

Described as "more than ready to mingle", Mimi always gets what she wants – so she'll fit in with the Chelsea crowd just fine – and heaven help anyone who tries to interfere. We sense a storm brewing in SW6...


Stay true to you.

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Mimi in her own words:  

"I'm Canadian, I'm 20, and I moved here a year ago from Toronto. I'm 20 – a baby! – and I own an online magazine and blog. I'm really excited to be on the show because it's an awesome platform – my website is all about women empowerment, and lifestyle.

"I did not know what the show was until about six months ago. I'd never really watched it until I was approached to be on it – but I've not come in blind. If I have my values and my morals, I'm not going to regret everything. I'm a very honest person, I feel very confident and I'm excited to see myself on the big screen – I've never really been on TV before.

"I'm single – I've been in the game a while and I'm looking for a beau. I know I'm young but I've been single for what feels like a long time... I love British men – it's the accent! I'm getting on well with everyone so far – me and Toff are friends, I hang out with the other new girls Daisy and Ella, so it's going well!"

The new series of Made in Chelsea begins on Monday 20th March at 9pm on E4

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