What time is Robot Wars on TV?

The fourth episode of the battle of the bots is on Sunday 19th March at 7pm on BBC2. 

What’s going to happen?

This season Robot Wars has already made headlines for behind-the-scenes drama, after the leader of team Behemoth appeared to storm off when his powerful redeveloped machine was beaten by a team of children in episode 2.

Happily, this episode features some much better sportsmanship, even when a technical fault with the scoring means that two different teams believe they’ve won one hotly contested bout.

After all, it’s much better when the clashes are kept to the arena, and there’s a brilliant array of battles this week to prove it involving weird crab-claws, pirouetting broken robots and a grudge match from the previous series.

Review by Huw Fullerton

Who’s presenting?

Dara O Briain and Angela Scanlon will once again host the competition.

Which house robot am I?

A great question and one you can find the answer to with our quiz. Good luck.

How can I get on Robot Wars?

If you’ve got a killing machine in the garden shed, then we’ve got big news for you: Robot Wars are already looking for teams for series 3. Find out how you can apply here.