Coronation Street: Phelan flips at Todd next week

Is Pat the rat losing the plot?


Evil Pat Phelan has an aggressive showdown with Todd Grimshaw next week when a silly prank backfires – is the Coronation Street villain’s conscience starting to chip away at him?


Phelan’s reign of terror has seen him callously walk away as wimpy Michael Rodwell died of a heart attack in front of him, and caving Andy Carver’s head in with a very heavy laptop, then covering his tracks by bundling his body in his van (or so we assume…) and furiously scrubbing traces of blood out of the carpet.

Cheeky Todd Grimshaw starts winding Pat up that the builders’ flat is haunted and pretends there have been some spooky goings on. But Phelan fails to see the funny side and in Monday’s episode he flips and angrily shoves Todd up against a wall. Could the murderer’s mask be slipping? Does he feel haunted by the ghosts of Michael and Andy? And might he be on the verge of totally losing it and claiming another victim?


Elsewhere, the bad boy builder is dealt more aggro from Ken Barlow, who lays into him for taking too long over fitting the new kitchen at No.1 – making the (actually quite valid) point that Phelan should be grateful for the work considering his ruined reputation among the locals. With Ken in fighting mood as he falls out with each member of his family in turn, he shrugs off the showdown but there’s a definite sense of the walls closing in for Phelan… How long before he cracks under the pressure and his crimes are exposed?  


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