From glimpses of goat polo in Kazakhstan to tales of James McAvoy tearing round the track in a new "reasonably fast car", Top Gear opened its new series with an action-packed episode. 

But could new line-up Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid and Chris Harris pull a U-turn after last year’s series was met with such a mixed reception? Absolutely, said Twitter.

Firstly, viewers noticed a gear change in its tone, courtesy of the new hosts.

And many weren't missing former presenter Chris Evans...

Although some still spotted stilted conversation and a touch of #awkward-ness...

...especially when guest James McAvoy was left in the studio for the majority of the episode.

But awkward happenings aside, many went on to say the opener was even better than Clarkson and co's rival motoring show The Grand Tour.

Your move, Jezzer.

Top Gear returns next Sunday, 8pm BBC2