Name: Rustie Lee

Age: 68

Famous, why? For being a celebrity chef

Biography: Rustie Lee made a name for herself as a television chef, actress and singer – and she is even a former politician, having ran for UKIP. 

Rustie says: “We were just laughing all the time. Although the heat was horrendous and I didn’t like to see the very poor and the children on the streets at Mumbai. I didn’t get to see much as everyone else as I was really ill and had to stay back. I’m still suffering now! 

“I think people are lying about my age. I don’t feel old and I don’t worry about it because I try and keep my mind active with what I do. So I have no worries about that. Caribbean people on the whole live long lives – my grandma lived to 106.”

Here she is showing off her egg-boiling skills...