In the best BBC presenter mess-up of a politician's name since Jim Naughtie called Jeremy Hunt "Jeremy C*nt", Nick Robinson managed to refer to the Chancellor of the Exchequer as "Spread Shit Phil".

Robinson was trying to refer to Philip Hammond by his nickname, "Spreadsheet Phil", but something went wrong as the words tumbled out of his mouth.

"Spread Shit Phil –" he started, before adding: "Spreadsheet Phil I should say, as he's known in the Treasury, basically holding his nose and saying, 'There will be a row but it'll pass'." 

Holding his nose, eh? 

Radio 4's Today programme was discussing yesterday's budget with journalists when the incident happened. 

But Robinson tried to brush off his slip-of-the-tongue, responding on Twitter: "I'm very very worried about your hearing. I clearly said SpreadSHEET Phil ...didn't I?"