Monopoly drops the thimble after online vote

Sew long and farewell


Here’s a Friday bombshell for you: the thimble, Monopoly’s greatest player token (behind the hat, the dog, boot, ship, car, wheelbarrow and iron), is being dropped from the classic boardgame.


This follows an online vote from maker Hasbro, where players were asked which of the pieces deserved an update. Basically, it’s a similar swap to when voters changed the iron token to a cat piece in 2013.

The thimble – which has been part of the game since it started in 1935 – could be replaced by a TV, gramophone, bathtub, trumpet and more. Whatever the change, we’ll find out March 19th.

However, some fans aren’t ready to give thimble the thumbs down:


Still, it’s surely the easiest piece to replace: there’s probably a thimble inside the sewing kit at the back of your cupboard. Can’t say that for the little dog, can you?