Brian Pern to be killed off in “segway mistake”

Simon Day's lead singer of Thotch is dying in pretty strange fashion...


Bad news, Brian Pern fans: Simon Day is killing off the prog rocker. In a “segway mistake”.


Fortunately, we’ll get to see plenty more of the fictional Thotch frontman in BBC4’s Brian Pern: A Tribute, a mockumentary about the ageing singer. This follows on from other Pern BBC shows The Life of Rock, With Brian Pern and Brian Pern: 45 Years Of Prog And Roll.

Rhys Thomas, co-creator of the character said: “I am absolutely devastated that the documentary I was making about Brian’s future has now become a tribute following the terrible news.

“We have lost one of the greatest Brians in rock music. I am still in shock and will send him off in style in this programme.”

As well as Day as Pern, the rest of Thotch will appear in the show: Pat Quid (Paul Whitehouse) and Tony Pebblé (Nigel Havers), plus manager John Farrow (Michael Kitchen).

Head of BBC4 Cassian Harrison added: “Brian Pern has been one of the biggest rock stars to feature on BBC4 – and BBC4 is famous the world over for its outstanding rock star biopics. This one for Brian will be up there with the best of them. God rest his soul.”

Pern first appeared in a series of short videos for the BBC comedy website, but it wasn’t long before BBC4 snatched up the character for a series in 2014. His most recent documentary, Brian Pern: 45 Years Of Prog And Roll aired in January 2016.


RIP Brian.