Benedict Cumberbatch – Sherlock Holmes

Meet Sherlock Holmes Sherlock describes himself as the world's only consulting detective and a high-functioning sociopath. His friends describe him as cocky, thoughtless and really annoying. Although they do begrudgingly admit that when it comes to solving crimes, he's basically a genius.

What else has Benedict Cumberbatch been in? When Sherlock began back in 2010, Benedict Cumberbatch was already one of Britain’s most in-demand actors, with parts ranging from Professor Stephen Hawking in a 2004 TV biopic to major supporting parts in films such as Atonement and The Other Boleyn Girl. But the phenomenal success of Sherlock has catapulted him to a whole new level of success, with leading roles in the likes of Star Trek Into Darkness, The Imitation Game – which saw him nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Alan Turing – and, most recently, critically acclaimed blockbuster superhero movie Doctor Strange.