Celebrity Big Brother is due back in January 2017 on Channel 5, and although we have few details currently as to who will be involved in the latest series of the show, rumours are already circulating thick and fast about the theme and the housemates.  

Multiple tabloid reports claim that 2017's helping of the show will be an "all-star" series bringing back some of the biggest, best (and most controversial) characters from the history of Celebrity Big Brother and the public version of the show. So if that is the case, it is of course time to start speculating who those people might be!

Let the rumours begin...

"Nasty" Nick Bateman


The original and the best reality TV bad boy, "Nasty Nick" was thrown out of the very first series of Big Brother on Channel 4 in scandal after it was discovered that he had been breaking the rules and influencing nominations.  

The year 2000 was clearly a more innocent time as I think you you'd have to do more than pass a few notes around to get kicked out of BB or CBB these days, however many of the housemates do still manage to get shown the door. 

A blast from the reality TV past is surely what any "all-stars" series could do with...