You have major dilemmas over when you should buy your tree

If you buy it too early, will it be droopy and forlorn by Christmas day? Then again, you desperately want a tree. Right now.


You start buying turkey cranberry sandwiches every single day because you can't wait for your actual Christmas lunch

It's crucial you prepare your palette for the main event. This is simply a kind way to get your body ready for the sudden onslaught of turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, bread sauce, parsnips...

Yeah, you're off to get a Christmas sandwich aren't you?


You start planning exactly when you're going to watch Love Actually for the 97th time in your life

You know every line, you know it's ridiculous, you don't find Hugh Grant's Prime Minister dance quite as hilarious anymore... but it still fills you with indescribable joy. 


You feel unnaturally good-willed to everyone

Even the ones you usually can't stand. That very annoying guy at work is suddenly surrounded in a warm angelic glow and you want to hug him. 


You stop doing any work and just spend your days eating chocolate, turkey sandwiches and mince pies

You've given up even pretending to work and are now just endlessly making tea to go with all the baked goods on your desk.


You leap out of bed every morning to see if it's snowed  even though it's nowhere near cold enough

Wait, is that SNOW?!! Oh, no it's just a bit of litter glinting in the sunlight.


You start dropping unsubtle hints to your family about things you really want

"God, my laptop is SO old now! I might have to buy myself a new one but they're just SO expensive. Except that there is this deal on which means they're a bit less. If you buy it in time for Christmas. It can't be after Christmas though. It has to be FOR Christmas."


You get excited about buying festive-themed drinks in coffee shops — even though they're kind of gross

That spiced egg nog gingerbread chocolate marshmallow cinnamon brandy Christmas pudding drink makes you want to be sick, but it's in such a festive cup you just can't resist.


You convince yourself mince pies are definitely a nourishing breakfast

Toast or mince pies, what's the difference really? And brandy butter is basically just butter. So you're really having your usual breakfast, but a bit tastier.


You're looking forward to seeing relatives who you usually avoid like the plague

Last year your mum's uncle's uncle gave you that book about stamp collecting and implied you'd put on a huge amount of weight and your career was pointless before talking about Stalin for seven hours. But now you're feeling so full of joy you're sure it'll be nice to see him again... 


You're fantasising about highlighting all the good TV in the Christmas Radio Times