What time is The Missing on TV tonight?

Episode 4 of the gripping thriller starts at 9pm on BBC1.

What's going to happen?

There's a lot going on in this unsettling drama about an abducted child's return. The family begins to fracture as Sam, recovering in hospital from his burns, pushes away Gemma and his son Matthew. Meanwhile, a trawl through CCTV footage uncovers new evidence that implicates another major suspect. In 2016, Gemma and Eve discover the abductor's crimes may be even worse and more complicated than originally thought, and Julien returns to Erbil with Stefan to follow up on a new lead - one that seems to incriminate two individuals back in Germany.

Who's starring in it?

Keeley Hawes plays Gemma, David Morrissey plays Sam, and Tchéky Karyo stars as Julien. Meet the full cast here.

What happened last week – and what did it all mean?

We're glad you asked us that. Check out our handy recap here.