Oh no, it’s the Honest Trailer for the Ghostbusters remake

[Sighs until we turn inside out]


Will 2016 just end already? In a depressing year, the Ghostbusters remake was a low point. Or it would have been if the US election hadn’t happened.


A full blown gender-culture war over a middling remake, that galvanised the worst people in the world, and ended in hacked nude photos and…this?


Let’s forget it all ever happened.

Oh look, Honest Trailers have a new video out.

[Pours self large drink]

[It is 9.17 am]

If you can bring yourself to laugh at the death of hope in the world, there are some good lines here. Also it’s a smart decision to disable comments on their official page. But really people, how did we let this happen? 


I can’t wait until the Ocean’s Eleven remake comes out.