Jeremy Clarkson swaps cars for boats and goes all Tom Hanks in new The Grand Tour clip

The trio appear to be castaway, but - surprisingly - on a raft that actually seems to work...


There’s a brand new clip of The Grand Tour which isn’t about cars, doesn’t say when the show starts and only features one of the presenters, yet it still manages to tell us everything we need to know: they haven’t changed a jot. 


Sure, we’ll eventually learn some interesting facts about motors from the former Top Gear hosts in their new Amazon Prime home. Hey, we might even get a bit of advice about what car to buy when we only need it for the Tesco run. But in the meantime, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are evidently going to do what they do best: muck about like naughty school kids let loose on a day trip. 

Here Clarkson has gone all Tom Hanks on us as he re-enacts a scene from Castaway, yelling for his beloved pal Wilson. Interestingly, they appear to be floating on a man-made raft that’s actually working. So perhaps they’ve earned a few more Scouts badges since their BBC days. Or, perhaps what we can’t see is that they’re actually still connected to the main land…


The Grand Tour will air this autumn