Welcome to the Jungle, Daniel Radcliffe. The Harry Potter actor will star in an adaptation of Jungle: a True Story of Survival, which follows Yossi Ghinsberg and his two friends’ ill-fated expedition into the Amazon.

Greg McLean will direct a script by Justin Monjo, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I'm incredibly excited and honoured to have a role in furthering people's awareness of what happened to Yossi Ghinsberg, Kevin Gale and Markus Stamm,” Radcliffe said. “Their story is a truly remarkable one that sheds light on both harrowing and hopeful aspects of human nature. It should be a very intense and physical shoot (obviously we wouldn't be doing our jobs if it wasn't) and I can't wait to start work on it.”

The story was previously made into a documentary called ‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’. Nevertheless the fact that Radcliffe’s new role does survive means he is improving on his last film, where he played a farting corpse.