5 ways Bill Murray completely stole the show at Comic-Con

When you want some hilarity and weirdness in your life, who you gonna call? Always Bill Murray


You know when Bill Murray’s going to be somewhere, it’ll all get pretty surreal. The Ghostbusters star has created a cult following, not only by being a seriously good actor, but also by turning up to events (weddings, stag parties…) in eccentric and unexpected ways. And always with that Murray flair.


It was his first appearance at Comic-Con this year. He was there to promote his new comedy Rock the Kasbah, in which he plays an ageing music promoter named Ritchie Lanz.

So here are the five best things he did at the convention….

1) He wore an outfit only an ageing rock promoter would wear. Most other actors didn’t come in their character’s clothes…


2)  As he arrived, he walked through the crowd with a swagger only Murray could pull off…

3) He praised the convention-goers in a very Murray-esque way

Asked during the Rock the Kasbah panel, whether he’d fit in with the Comic-Con crowd as a newcomer, Murray replied, “Some of the best parties I’ve ever been to have been with really insane nerds.”

The man clearly knows how to garner respect at a convention.

4) He conducted a singalong where he encouraged everyone to sing whatever they wanted for a few seconds…

5) And he made Jennifer Lawrence, who you’d think wouldn’t get very excited by famous people any more, do this face…


Yep, we’re with you J-Law…