Another award night is upon us in the form of the The British Academy Film Awards. It means glitz, glamour... and goofs. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities in the many hours of award ceremony footage for something to go wrong (or so, so right, depending on your taste). And as luck would have it, there are always lots of cameras around to catch the action. 

Here are some of the hilariously awkward award ceremony moments worth rewinding... 

"You like me"

Sally Field should have won an award for this memorable speech. Here she is yelling "you like me" while accepting her Oscar in 1985 for Places in the Heart:

A quick prompt

Although, you could argue that having too much to say is better than having nothing at all... Here's Julia Louis-Dreyfus getting a reminder to thank her family at the 2013 Emmy Awards after she wins lead actress in a comedy series for Veep:

Anne is Miserable

Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway is chuffed with her Best Supporting Actress award at the 2013 Critics' Choice Movie Awards, but there's a spelling mistake she just can't ignore:

Elton has a pop

Where better to have a pop at another artist than on stage where there's cameras, lots of people... ? Elton used the Q Awards in 2004 to air his thoughts on Madonna and lip-synching: 

Kiss me quick

Not only does Adrien Brody win Best Actor for his role in The Pianist in 2003 he smooches Halle Berry too. Everyone else has to just sort of wait:


Twilight star Kristen Stewart was so excited about her 2009 MTV Movie Awards trophy that she couldn't even hold onto her popcorn-shaped trophy. It's such a funny moment that this person has gone to the effort of talking us through it, pausing and rewinding, before letting us watch her drop it all over again. 

Slip up

What is there to say about Jennifer Lawrence? Hollywood's sweetheart even manages to make falling at the Oscars all funny and endearing. She's admitted it's because she was thinking about cake. Who can blame the girl?

In stitches

There's a time and a place to talk about how many stitches you've had in your vagina, and Romola Garai finds that, actually, presenting an award at the 2013 Baftas was the perfect opportunity:

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