Karen Gillan takes selfie with Selfie poster

Karen Gillan takes selfie with Selfie poster


Selfie actress Karen Gillan has taken a selfie with her Selfie poster in the background, which is the most amount of times I’ve ever said selfie in one sentence. If only she’d been taking a selfie in the Selfie poster too, then I’d be on to a whole new level of selfie-action.

Gillan posted the snap up on Twitter joking, “Some people are cool… and then there’s me.”

But really, if you saw yourself on a huge great big poster like that, you’d have to take a picture wouldn’t you?

Selfie doesn’t hit screens in the US until the 30th of September, but given it’s already been made available online (on purpose, not a leak) you may very well have already seen it.

In a nutshell, Gillan’s character Eliza Dooley needs help rebranding her image after she becomes the star of a viral internet video that isn't all that flattering. She winds up with the rather interesting marketing expert Henry (John Cho) to help. 

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