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It’s that time again. After last week’s overwhelming response to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who debut Deep Breath, we’re asking readers to send in their thoughts on his second episode Into The Dalek. 


It’s an important week for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. His debut last week divided fans who either thought it was the best of Modern Who or that the show has hit “bedrock”. Therefore, this could be a make or break week for those who are still undecided on the new Doctor, or the show’s new direction. 

So, we want to hear from you. Is Capaldi’s Doctor still as awe-inspiring as he was last week, or does Into The Dalek make you pang for the Matt Smith era? Also, what did you think of the episode in general? Are you still on board with the shift in tone, was the story satisfying and what about the Daleks? Are you bored of them now or are they still as scary as ever. 

Tell us what you thought in around 150 words and we’ll publish our favourites. Right here, on 

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