Robbie (Jamie Shelton) and Megan's (Gaynor Faye) search for more evidence against Charity will see them embroiling Tracy in their scheme during scenes to be shown next week.

After Robbie finds the address for a family planning clinic is listed on Charity's satnav, he tells his sister who then shows Declan the incriminating evidence. Charity quickly denies it and orders Megan to leave. Meanwhile, Robbie asks Chas about Charity’s abortion. She tries to deny any knowledge but Robbie’s caught her off guard - does her hesitation give him the confirmation he needs?

By the end of the week, Robbie and Megan have grown ever more determined to find further proof against Charity and decide to enlist the help of Tracy. After scoping out the abortion clinic, Robbie asks Tracy (Amy Walsh) to be lookout while he steals Charity's file. But when she balks on learning it's Charity he's getting info on, Robbie gets more money from Megan to encourage her. But can they really trust Tracy?