The Great British Bake Off quiz: were you paying attention during Dessert Week?

Were you stuck to the screen like peanut butter, or did the thought of cake and tea distract you? Take our attention-testing quiz to find out


Phew, that was intense viewing wasn’t it? Who knew The Great British Bake off could make a Norse God flip? 


But perhaps the drama of seeing Iain throw his baked alaska in the bin and storm off distracted you from the finer details of this week’s bakes. Did you spot for example who managed to clamp Paul Hollywood’s mouth shut with her saucy bakes? Or which tipples of choice made it into Mary’s tricky tiramisu technical challenge?


If you think you were paying attention this week, take our quiz to see how much baking knowledge you have swallowed – and go back to check what you might have missed first time round.