Doctor Who comes to Minecraft

The Tardis will land in the popular videogame this September


The Tardis has visited many strange and dangerous planets: Skaro, Mars, Glasgow. But this might be the oddest yet. Players of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will soon get to step into Peter Capaldi’s shoes (or skin) and go on adventures as the legendary Time Lord.


September will see the first downloadable Doctor Who add-on, letting fans make themselves look like the new Doctor or Clara. Also included are five other (non-specifed) Doctors and their companions, plus bad guys like the Daleks, Ice Warriors and Zygons. At least we think they’re Zygons and Ice Warriors. The feared villains are looking a bit…low-res.

The first downloadable pack will cost £1.99 and BBC Worldwide promise more will follow, with “at least six doctors” in each. They might start running out of Doctors come the third pack, but still, exciting!

If you’ve not played Minecraft, it’s essentially ultra-Lego: an entire world players can take apart and put back together again in whatever shape they wish. There are monsters to fight, but the most impressive moments come when fans build massive contraptions out of the basic building blocks.

Like, say, this incredibly detailed recreation of Matt Smith’s Tardis…



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