Andy Sugden (Kelvin Fletcher) is to get a blast from the past when he receives a surprise text message from Robert.

"It knocks him for six," reveals actor Kelvin Fletcher, who plays Andy. "Bear in mind that he hasn't even spoken to Robert since Jack's funeral, so when he gets the text, it brings back all of those old feelings. It's come at a time when he's happy with Katie and now he's getting a text from the person who split up their marriage in the first place. As far as he's concerned he'd cut all ties with him."

Long-time viewers will recall that, back in 2004, Katie - who was dating Andy at that time - began an affair with his adoptive brother Robert (Karl Davies). Katie did go on to marry Andy, but when the truth was finally revealed, he tried to shoot Robert and ended up hitting Jack instead.

A decade on from those dramatic events, Andy has reconciled with Katie in the wake of his recent farming accident. But could this shock text end up threatening their future together? "Deep down, Andy's wondering how Katie still feels about Robert. Would she get feelings for him again?" says Fletcher. "He thinks it's best that she doesn't know about the text, but when she finds out about it, she wants to know why he didn't tell her."

So does the actor hope that Andy and Katie will make it through this latest drama? "I do, but I leave all that to the story team. It's always great to work with Sammy Winward and if Andy gets the chance to be happy, then I'd like him to take it. But all the complications are the most challenging to play!"