Are Terry (Terry Alderton) and Bianca (Patsy Palmer) to end up together? Scenes to be shown next week will see cabbie Terry tell his on-off girlfriend that he and his kids are to move to Milton Keynes, despite TJ just becoming a father following the birth of Cindy's baby.

But after the pair share a passionate kiss and Terry tells Bianca that he loves her, the mouthy redhead will be left wondering where her priorities lie. Will she stay in Walford or take a chance on living elsewhere with Terry? Here, actor and comedian Terry Alderton reveals that he's hoping Terry and Bianca will get a happy ending...

So, how do the Spraggans cope following the birth of TJ's baby - how does Terry feel about being a granddad?
He looks on the bright side, as he always does. Obviously though, it's a bit of a nightmare situation - a son of that age having a child of his own. Behind the scenes, it would be quite stressful. He also doesn’t like it that Phil Mitchell is muscling in on things. That doesn’t go down well. 

How does Terry react when TJ explains that he's freaked out by it all?
Terry just thinks he is being silly, lbut after a while TJ tells him that he doesn’t want this. Terry’s astonished because he's been so wrapped up in himself and making things right. But it's no good if he isn’t listening to his son.

Why does Terry initially decide to move to Milton Keynes?
Because his sister Val has said there's some redundancy money coming and he's always toying with the idea of setting up his own company and being his own man. He’s decided maybe that is the place because his sister lives up there, so he’s investigated setting up a cab company. It'll be a fresh start for him and the kids.

Tell us about his relationship with Bianca at the moment? He's seeing her in secret - but is that frustrating for him?
Yeah, I think that Bianca is finding herself at the moment. And Terry has been going along with the whole situation. He thinks he'll be getting something more in the end, but prepares to leave when he realises that he won't be. And it's then that Bianca starts to think, 'hold on a second!'

Bianca is clearly upset that Terry's leaving and announces what's happening to Alfie - how does Terry feel about that?
At that point, he's thinking that she's being spiteful. Terry hasn't had chance to tell Alfie and he thinks Bianca is being malicious by telling him first. Terry doesn't realise that there's an underlying thing going on there. 

What prompts Terry to kiss Bianca and tell her he loves her? 
Terry realises what he wants and he tells Bianca that he's now being honest with her. But if she can't be honest with him, then they may as well forget it.

What would it mean to Terry if Bianca decided to go with him?
He'd be elated. He would get the girl, wouldn’t he? And she would get a man and that would be a lovely happy ending. He also sees himself as a bit of a saviour as well. He can see Bianca’s life is a mess and that he can make it a little bit better. 

Who have you enjoyed working with the most while at EastEnders?
Shane Richie - he’s my mate. I’ll miss everyone but Shane is who I’ll miss working with the most. I work brilliantly with Shane - he’s just very easy and he’s very natural. 

And what's the best reaction you've had from a fan?
I’ve had people shaking before saying, "oh I love EastEnders so much". But I do get 'the double Terry' - Terry the comedian and Terry the EastEnders guy. I never know which Terry they're coming for!