Carla (Alison King) is to be left reeling in next week's episodes of Corrie when she realises that Peter (Chris Gascoyne) can't be responsible for the murder of Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan).

The Underworld boss will be seen rushing to Peter's deathbed after he overdoses on illicit prison booze. But when Peter assures Carla that he knows she killed Tina, and will take her secret to the grave and accept the blame himself, Carla’s stunned.

Confiding in Michelle, Carla realises that if Peter didn’t kill Tina then her murderer is still at large? Here, actress Alison King tells us what Carla plans to do with her new-found information...

How has Carla been coping since Peter was arrested and sent to prison?
Carla’s been trying so desperately to move on, but obviously she’s really struggling because everything is so up in the air. She’s still reeling from what Peter did and now that he’s in prison she’s having to get her head round the fact that Peter supposedly killed Tina too. In a way she’s finding it easier with him not being there, but at the same time, she has a huge sadness that all of this has happened and that Peter is in prison for a girl’s murder.

Would she like to wash her hands of him?
She’s finding it easier to pretend he doesn’t exist with him now in prison and not pestering her on the Street. But at the same time - it’s Peter. She hates him with a passion for what he’s done to her and blames him entirely for losing the baby and she’ll never get over that. She’s all over the place.

So how does she react when she hears that Peter is critically ill?
It really throws her. She’s completely taken aback when Beth tells her that Peter’s in hospital - it’s a bolt from the blue. I think she’s been concentrating so much on the factory and putting Peter out of her mind that this news brings her crashing down. Carla confides in Rob and tells him that she can’t help but be concerned for Peter - it’s almost a knee-jerk reaction when she hears he’s in trouble.

Ken begs her to visit Peter to lift his spirits, while Rob is desperate that she doesn’t – does she feel torn?
When she tells Rob that she’s really concerned for Peter, he tells her to go on holiday and says he’ll l mind the factory so she can go abroad for a bit. Carla is tempted by this, but as soon as Ken begs her to visit him, she’s swayed the other way. Carla knows that emotionally it will be the worst thing for her to go and see him, but she also knows that she would never forgive herself if anything happened to him and she hadn’t been to visit.

Does Rob’s argument that she shouldn’t go make any sense to her?
Yes, absolutely. She knows he’s right when he says that the best way to really move on is to cut herself off from him completely. At this point, she has no reason to believe that Rob has any other reason to put her off other than the fact that he hates Peter and is looking out for his sister. I think the turning point for Carla is when she hears that Peter is in intensive care and might not make it through. She knows what she has to do. 

Is Carla shocked when she sees Peter?
Yes. Carla’s seen Peter at rock bottom before and has had to help him pick up the pieces, but this is something different. Peter is really at his lowest ebb and she realises how serious they were when they said that he might not survive. It brings her back to square one again really.

What’s her reaction when Peter says that he knows Carla killed Tina and that he’s willing to take the rap?
She’s completely taken aback. First and foremost, she’s gobsmacked that Peter actually thinks she could have killed Tina. When she’s finally able to process what he’s saying, she starts to realise that if he genuinely thinks that she killed Tina, then he obviously didn’t.

So, at this point, is she convinced that Peter didn’t do it?
Peter thinks he’s going to die, so Carla sees no reason why he’d start playing mind games with her about the murder. He has nothing to lose because he’s telling her he will take the blame for it, for her. It’s actually a moment of clarity for her as she actually realises Peter isn’t guilty at all.

When she gets back to the Street, does she tell anyone about Peter’s confession?
Yes. She can’t keep it to herself because she’s incredibly troubled by it and she can’t rest. She confides in Michelle first, and Michelle agrees that if Peter is this convinced that Carla killed Tina, then it means he can’t have done. Once they both say it out loud they become really troubled by it because they both realise that this means Tina’s murderer is still roaming free. She also confides in Rob as well.

And how does Rob react?
Rob is automatically defensive and tells her to forget what Peter said. He tries to persuade Carla to ignore him and says Peter’s just playing his usual mind games and making her feel like she’s done something wrong so that she will believe him when he says he’s innocent.

And how does Rob react when Carla tells him she’s going to the police about Peter’s confession? Does his reaction make her suspicious?
Rob tries to tell her that Peter’s probably had all sorts of medication in hospital so won’t have been talking sense. I think at this point Carla just thinks Rob is doing what he can to keep her away from Peter and to ignore everything he’s saying to her. But at the same time, she does question why Rob can’t understand why she thinks she needs to do the right thing by helping find Tina’s real killer and have an innocent man released. Even if that man is Peter.