Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are back on screen together (hurrah!). Not for more Breaking Bad though (boo!). Instead, it's a skit about a pawn shop, in celebration of this year's 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Of course. How else would you mark an award ceremony than with a video about an actress trying to pawn her trophy..?

Meet Buzz Jackson

Buzz Jackson

And Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson

They run a barely legal pawn shop, which means they can bust out moves like this

Pawn Shop

And this

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

Julia Louis-Dreyfus heard Celine Dion had her own island so got drunk and bought her own. 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Now the Veep actress needs money so is selling her own Emmy award


There's a hat tip to Breaking Bad fans as they banter about whether it's better to be lead or best supporting actor

breaking bad

And then of course there's another when it looks like they're making drugs in the back. But they're actually running a puppy bathing business and the puppy's a...yep, you guessed it, b****.

Breaking Bad Bryan and Aaron

Check out the full clip here: