It’s Capaldi v Cowell in the battle of Saturday night

The Time Lord will take on the Daleks and The X Factor when the talent show returns to ITV at the same time as Doctor Who is airing on BBC1


Just a week into his new incarnation and Doctor Who will facing one of his most ruthless foes ever – no, not the Daleks, but Mr Nasty himself, Simon Cowell…


Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor will clash with the Master of Saturday night reality TV as Cowell’s return to the X Factor overlaps with episode two of Doctor Who, Into the Dalek.

Series 11 of the ITV talent show will kick off at 8pm on Saturday 30 August, 15 minutes before Doctor Who finishes on BBC1. That means viewers will have to choose between the concluding scenes of the Time Lord’s latest Dalek encounter and Cowell’s triumphant entrance after three years away from the UK version of The X Factor.

Early iterations of the schedules had the two shows going head to head, both with provisional start times of 7:45pm. But ITV and BBC schedulers agreed to extend the weekly deadline in order to thrash out a compromise that would prevent them from completely splitting audiences keen on seeing both shows as they’re broadcast.

The 15 minute overlap could mean those viewers will miss Cowell’s opening salvoes as he locks horns with new judge Mel B and returning panelist, the Cheryl formerly known as Cole. Alternatively, viewers might wish to play catch-up during the ITV ad breaks via their set-top boxes, something X Factor sponsors will not be too keen on.

Whichever way audiences decide to deal with the issue in this world of on-demand viewing, broadcasters and the press will be keeping a close eye on that key quarter of an hour of ‘live’ TV to see who will triumph when Simon Cowell does battle with the Doctor…

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek is at 7:30pm on BBC1 on Saturday 30th August


The X Factor returns at 8pm on ITV on the same night