Great British Bake Off contestant makes pies with worms in them

As part of Rentokil's pop up Pestaurant, former Bake Off finalist Ruth Clemens is serving up dishes with creepy crawlies in them


Could you stomach salt and vinegar crickets, roasted locusts or scorpion lollipops? Former Bake Off contestants including Glenn Cosby, Holly Bell and Ruth Clemens can, and have created some critter-infested recipes for the Rentokil pop-up Pestaurant this week in London.


Those with a sense of adventure can go along to the free event (Thursday 21st, in London), where they can try some utterly different culinary creations, taste weird and wonderful eats from Mexican spice mealworms to Bake Off finalist Ruth Clemens’ Early Bird Breakfast Pie – with pastry, bacon, eggs and crunchy bamboo worms.

“The pie is absolutely packed with protein, thanks to those little worms,” explained Clemens. “[Bamboo worms] are a delicacy in Thailand, people go and find a colony of these protein-rich little bugs.

“I’ve absolutely thoroughly enjoyed having a bit of fun and making something a bit different, and bringing my Early Bird Breakfast Pie to Pestaurant this year.”

Apparently, former Bake Off contestants are not the only ones who have been tucking into bugs, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation believes that 2 billion people worldwide supplement their diet with insects. Experts will be hovering around at Rentokil’s pop up Pestaurant this Thursday explaining more about the nutritional benefits of eating insects. For example, did you know that common house crickets contain four times as much protein as the same weight of chicken, and 100g of crickets contains just 121 calories, compared to 288 calories in the same amount of beef?

To try some bug-fuelled feasts, pop along to The Rentokil pop-up Pestaurant between 11pm–3pm on Thursday 21st August at One New Change, London, EC4M 9AF (nearest tubes: St Paul’s and Mansion House). Can’t get to London? Follow Ruth Clemens’ recipe below and make some crunchy bamboo worm pie at home. 


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