Made in Chelsea NYC: Alex Mytton leaves New York as Binky and Jamie turn a cold shoulder

Having alienated his friends and ex-girlfriend, the MIC gang's black sheep was back on a plane headed for London by the end of tonight's episode


Episode two of the Made in Chelsea cast’s jaunt in NYC and guess who’s reared his bouffant head? Alex Mytton, that’s who. Last seen begging his friends to leave his and Binky Felstead’s relationship alone, before being unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend after all those many, many, many cheating allegations. 


The first we see of Al in tonight’s episode is his emergence from one of New York’s famous yellow cabs, wearing a pensive expression and gazing up at the blue skies. His first move? An ill-advised phone call to his ex. “You’ll never guess where I am?” “Let me guess, you’re in New York.” Full marks, Binky. Top of the class, although she was less than happy to hear his voice… “I don’t want to see you, I don’t want you to be here.” 

Alex tried to go all Chelsea on her and arrange to meet in Central Park at 9pm but Binks wasn’t having any of it. Never mind, at least his boiiis had got his back. Oh, wait… 

If you cast your mind back to last week’s episode, you’ll remember Alex Mytton has done something bad. Very, very bad. Something so bad that Jamie Laing ended up in tears. Well, tonight we found out the full extent of his crime – hooking up with Mr Laing’s ex-girlfriend Tara. “I f**king hate him,” raged Jamie when he received a text revealing the full extent of his friend’s betrayal.

He marched down to Central Park – only to find Alex with an equally raging Binky whom he was – unsuccessfully – attempting to make peace with. “You want to make sure it’s OK with me before you go off with the boys and f**k half of New York,” she accused him. “Do you think coming here and saying you want to be friendly is going to change all the things you’ve done?”

In short, no it wasn’t. But things were about to get far, far worse for Mr Mytton as Jamie showed up, ready for a good old MIC-style showdown. Of course, Alex denied all the allegations but Jamie hit back with, “I know you Alex. I know your lies. I’ve lied for you, I’ve lied about you. Do not lie to me or I’ll think you’re a bigger piece of s**t than I do right now.” 

“You know what state I get in,” was all a wimpering Alex could come up with but it just wasn’t good enough. “You don’t understand how much this hurts,” sobbed Jamie. “We can’t patch this up because you broke my loyalty. Especially with f**king Tara, you prick. I wouldn’t ever do that to you. Go to London you prick, I f**king hate you.” 

Touché. And with that Alex was all but given his marching orders. Jamie went over to Binky’s to patch things up and apologise for placing his misguided loyalty with Mr Mytton. 

Alex tried to make amends, heading over to Jamie’s flat to, well, we think he meant to apologise… but “you’re no angel, mate” probably wasn’t the best angle to take. “I understand why Jamie is livid and hurting,” added Spencer, and, for once, we agreed with him. 

The writing was on the wall for Alex and as Binky dropped Fran and Cheska at the airport, she saw her sullen-faced ex standing on the concourse, passport in hand. He glanced longingly in her direction, she got into her taxi, and we cheered loudly at our screens. Bon voyage, Mr Mytton! 


Made in Chelsea NYC continues next Sunday at 9:00pm on E4