Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

18-22 August: Sophie and Nate go on a hot date, while Matt’s lack of concern about the school captaincy threatens his relationship with Sasha

Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay
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Monday 18 August
With a view to getting back together, Nate takes Sophie on a date to Angelo’s. Although unsure at first, Brax sees that Heath is committed to his custody application and supports him. While Sasha lives up to her new title, Matt’s slack attitude as school captain causes problems. Oscar starts taking medication for his anxiety, but Nate explains that it is only part of the solution.

Tuesday 19 August
Hannah hijacks Nate and Sophie’s date by asking Nate for advice about Oscar. Despite this and other distractions, Nate and Sophie spend the night together. Matt’s behaviour threatens to blow him and Sasha apart until Sophie takes him in hand and he reveals his true feelings. Maddy’s reaction to failing a history exam drives Josh to consider breaking up with her.

Wednesday 20 August
Despite her own feelings for him, Evelyn encourages Josh and Maddy to sort things out with one another. Tension levels rise as John moves in with Marilyn at Alf’s place on a trial basis. Confused over her feelings for Casey, Denny messes things up with Chris. Chris thanks Casey for his part in proceedings with a punch in the face.

Thursday 21 August
Roo arrives back in town and cramps Marilyn and John’s style while they are testing out living together at Alf’s. Chris worries that Casey will seek physical revenge, but he is more interested in winning over Denny. Chris eventually realises he is better off without Denny and splits up with her. Phoebe decides to sell everything connected to her father.

Friday 22 August
Kyle convinces Phoebe that a garage sale is not the best way to deal with her issues. Inspired by Heath, Ricky challenges Brax to take their relationship more seriously. After avoiding Alf’s questions about her trip overseas, Roo collapses. Marilyn suggests to John that they should give things another go at his place. Andy lays it on the line with Hannah.