7 reasons you should see Daniel Radcliffe's What If

Daniel-Radcliffe-in-a-romantic-comedy alert! Here's why you should check it out

7 reasons you should see Daniel Radcliffe's What If
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Daniel Radcliffe is in a romantic comedy. Nobody panic. This isn't like that moment when he tries to ask Cho Chang to the ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. No, no, no. This is a proper romantic comedy. 

Unspoken feelings? Check. Awkward we're-just-going-to-be-friends moments? Check. Airport and taxi dashes? Check and check. 

It's light, delightfully clumsy and laugh out loud enjoyable. Here's seven more reasons to go and see it:

He meets the girl of his dreams at a house party while playing with fridge magnets. So, you know, there’s hope for us all. 

Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan

I know we’re supposed to move on from the whole Harry Potter thing. But when a blazer/blue shirt combo works, why change it, eh?

Blue shirt and blazer

Loves it.

What If Daniel Radcliffe speech

There’s some painfully awkward flirting. Rather than detailing the contents of his fridge á la Hugh Grant in Notting Hill, Wallace describes (at length) what Fool’s Gold is. Bread, baked in butter, the middle scooped out, filled with… oh forget it. 

Fool's Gold

Radcliffe dances again. He’s much better than that other time... 

Daniel Radcliffe dancing

You must remember this?

Harry Potter dancing

Sorry. He’s not actually Harry Potter, he’s not actually Harry Potter, he’s not actually Harry Potter… 

Harry Potter snaps Elder Wand

He knocks his love rival out of the window. Clean out. Like, we’re-not-on-the-first-floor-and-he-desperately-needs-an-ambulance out of the window. Accidentally of course.

What If still

The supporting cast is top-notch (look, Adam from Girls!). Classically awkward lines include, “So Wallace, we should talk about the complex issues of our time. Can men and women really be friends, or do you just want to bang Chantry.”

Mackenzie Davis What If

Oh and, Radcliffe gets butt naked again. This isn’t it. I won’t ruin it. Well, actually, I wanted to. Even he looks surprised I'm not showing you. But I couldn’t get a picture and Googling it at work was a really bad idea.

Daniel Radcliffe What If

Convinced? What If is in cinemas from 20th August. See the trailer here: