Seven things we'd like to see from an S Club 7 reunion

One does not simply throw an S Club party without these vital ingredients...

Seven things we'd like to see from an S Club 7 reunion
Written By
Susanna Lazarus

Everybody get down tonight, it looks like the S Club 7 reunion is actually happening. According to Paul, it's almost time to throw your hands in the air like you just don't care...

So, with Rachel, Jon, Hannah, Tina, Bradley and Jo set to join him on a mission to Bring It All Back, we're dusting off our bandanas, practising our best dance moves and blasting S Club's greatest hits ahead of their comeback. But with an S Club Party comes certain expectations, so we've composed a list of seven things we're anxiously anticipating from the latest (and arguably greatest) nineties reunion...

1. More awkward crouching, because seven people don't comfortably fit in a camera shot. 

2. Crop tops, denim and flares. Preferably all rolled into one (good work, Jo). 

3. Inspirational one-liners in cheesy pop format. Remember, if people try to put you down just walk on by, don't turn around. 

4. More of these matching outfits. If in doubt, go metallic. 

5. Rachel doing her thing. 

 6. More TV please. New York 7, Chicago 7... No budget? The Kickstarter campaign for London 7 starts here.

7. And last, but by no means least, a bit of gold old S Club magic.

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