Peter Capaldi cringes at old Doctor Who Radio Times fan letter

Watch the new Doctor get embarrassed by his 15 year old fanboy self


It’s no secret that before he became the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi was a lifelong Doctor Who fan. It’s also no secret (because we keep reminding everyone) that he wrote to Radio Times to express his passion. Turns out, Capaldi finds these young fan letters a bit embarrassing now, especially when they are read out live on stage.  (Watch from 5:05)


During the Sydney leg of the Doctor Who World Tour, host Adam Spencer produced the old letter with a flourish, declaring: “I have sourced from the Sunday Times a letter you wrote at the age of 15.”

“The Radio Times!” Capaldi corrected him firmly, in a clip that is destined to become the ringtone of everyone in this office. But things went downhill quickly, with Capaldi humphing and groaning as the moderator read out the entire letter, line by line.


Here are some of the best faces he made during this walk down memory lane, and here is the original 1974 letter in full.