Emmerdale spoilers: Michael Parr on filming Donna’s “surreal” funeral

The actor who plays bad boy Ross Barton reveals what it was like to shoot Donna's send-off


Emmerdale actor Michael Parr has been talking about the upcoming funeral of his on-screen girlfriend Donna Windsor (Verity Rushworth).


Parr – who plays bad boy Ross Barton in the ITV soap – said of Donna’s burial: “It was so surreal. I was in the dressing room and I suddenly saw a hearse go past with a coffin in it. I actually took some pictures and sent them to Verity! At the service itself though, you don’t feel like too much acting is required – you’re watching this coffin being lowered into the ground and it feels so similar to a real-life funeral.”

Exact details of Donna’s demise are being kept under wraps but viewers can expect to see Verity Rushworth make her final appearance during Thursday’s double bill.

Speaking at a press event to launch the pivotal episodes, series producer Kate Oates added: “One of the marked things about a character like Donna dying is that she has all these links with characters who are really well established. In the episodes that follow, you’ll see how it affects people like Bob, for instance. So expect a stellar performance from Tony Audenshaw and other actors who worked with Verity for such a long time.


“When you’re doing a funeral for a character with so many links in the village, it does enrich it. So hopefully that will come across.”