Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne to trash the Bistro, reveals Jane Danson

Bottles are set to go flying next week after Leanne loses her temper with Nick

Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne to trash the Bistro, reveals Jane Danson
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Leanne (Jane Danson) is to lose her temper next week after cottoning on to the fact that Nick (Ben Price) has been faking his brain seizures. An irate Leanne will storm into Kylie’s (Paula Lane) birthday meal at the Bistro and smash bottles of booze while demanding that Nick tells the truth.

“She feels really angry because the whole world is against her. No one will believe her that Nick is faking his seizures,” says Danson. “So she thinks, ‘I’m going to prove it to you all’. She goes into the Bistro, which is technically half hers, goes a bit mental and starts destroying it. She says, ‘if you want to destroy what we’ve worked so hard to build up, then I’ll help you’.”

Naturally, the Platts are aghast as an hysterical Leanne denounces Nick for distressing Simon by making up his medical ailments. But will Nick confess to his stunned family that he has indeed been lying?

“Yes, Nick admits that he has been faking and everyone feels a bit guilty for having a go at her, especially Eva and Kal,” continues the actress. “Even Gail’s a bit sheepish, although she would never apologise to Leanne. Gail’s feeling is that Nick is brain damaged and that it’s a defence mechanism, but Nick confirms that he was faking it. He’s sad the relationship is over and he’s jealous that she’s moved on.”

With Nick and Leanne set for a heartfelt talk following this showdown, it seems that the dust is about to settle on what has been a turbulent time for the pair of them. Nick agrees to give Leanne what she wants from the divorce and even begins to accept that she’s now with Kal (Jimi Mistry). For Danson, though, the trashing of the Bistro was a chance to let off some steam in the wake of her character’s emotionally fraught plotline:

“It was quite good fun! I trashed the Rovers years ago on Millennium Eve and that was quite satisfying too. When I smashed the Bistro, they got loads of sugar glass and plates that I could break, so it was good fun.

“I had a whole day in there smashing stuff up - there’s a brilliant outtake with a sugar glass jug, which is so light that when I slam it down all the water flies up in the air then comes down all over me!”