Simon Pegg: I wouldn’t want to ruin Star Wars Episode VII by being in it

Watch lifelong Star Wars fan Simon Pegg tell how much he is looking forward to the new movie set in a galaxy far far away....but that he doesn't want to appear in the new films

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Ben Dowell

Simon Pegg is such a Star Wars fan that he would actually prefer not to “spoil” the new Episode VII movie by being in it, he has told

The actor, speaking to promote his forthcoming movie Hector and the Search for Happiness, told us: "I don’t want to spoil it by seeing my face in the film”.

But as you can see in our exclusive video, he says that he is looking forward to the latest instalments immensely.

“I am very excited by the fact that JJ Abrams is doing it. I couldn’t imagine a better person to be handling it now and I know that he is very keen to make it with a certain kind of parity with the first three films in terms of the production values and it will feel very much like the kind of Star Wars film we wanted 16 years ago but didn’t get.”

In our exclusive chat, Pegg also speaks about how much being in another sci-fi favourite – Star Trek – has changed his life and what it is like to work with those young Hollywood stars on the set of the Starship Enterprise.....

Star Wars Episode VII is to be the first in a new trilogy set approximately 30 years after The Return of the Jedi finished and will reunite former stars Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill with a new cast including John Boyega, Adam Driver and Max von Sydow.

It is scheduled for release in December 2015.

Hector and the Search For Happiness is in cinemas from 15th August