Simon Pegg: I want to go into space - and cuddle a baby chimpanzee

Watch Hector and the Search for Happiness star Simon Pegg tell us why he is so happy, despite having a few things left in life that he would like to achieve

Written By
Ben Dowell

Is Simon Pegg a happy person?

Perhaps unsurprisingly (given his worldwide fame) the answer is yes. And quite right too given that he is starring in a new film which explores the subject of exactly what makes us happy.

But does the man who plays our hero in Hector and the Search for Happiness have at least some ambitions outstanding?

Well, yes.

He wants to go into space and experience weightlessness, he tells us in this exclusive video. Cuddling a baby chimpanzee is also on his wish list.

But for the moment, his happiness rests in his family life and job, especially when he is acting in Star Trek where he plays chief engineer Montgomery Scott.

After all it is, as he tells us, a job that involves “going to work and playing in a spaceship which is the closes thing to being weightless I guess”.

Hector And The Search For Happiness is in cinemas from 15th August